giovedì 25 giugno 2015

Cleaning my beauty cabinet

Yesterday I had this crazy idea of cleaning my beauty cabinet
Here are a few advices to organize it:

1. Throw away all expired products
2. Organize by use and "subject" (hair products with hair products, brushes with brushes and so on)
3. Put all you "basics" (the products you use daily) all together so it will be easier (and quicker) to get ready when you are in a hurry
4. Make sure you see everything, the more you see your products the more you will use them (this works for clothes as well)
5. Buy/ DIY containers (I med my bobby pins container out of a blush package)

Hope these help you stay organized



1 commento:

  1. A job well done! I could do with spending an hour (or two) organising my mess of makeup, I seem to always have to rummage to find anything...


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