venerdì 26 giugno 2015


A friend of mine asked me some help for her photography project, so I posed  for her.
I hope you'll like it (since it is quite a big step for me to put these pictures here)

Room tour

Hi guys!
I have recently seen the first room tour I made on this blog ( a loooong time ago) and I have to say that my stile changed a lot since then.
A friend of mine asked me to pose for a photography here you are with a new room tour.
Hope you like it 

giovedì 25 giugno 2015

Cleaning my beauty cabinet

Yesterday I had this crazy idea of cleaning my beauty cabinet
Here are a few advices to organize it:

1. Throw away all expired products
2. Organize by use and "subject" (hair products with hair products, brushes with brushes and so on)
3. Put all you "basics" (the products you use daily) all together so it will be easier (and quicker) to get ready when you are in a hurry
4. Make sure you see everything, the more you see your products the more you will use them (this works for clothes as well)
5. Buy/ DIY containers (I med my bobby pins container out of a blush package)

Hope these help you stay organized



Jasmine and apple cake

I made this cake to enjoy while I was studying (exams!ahaha) hope you like it.
It is very simple, just use jasmin tea instead of milk in your apple cake and remember to keep some of the leaves/flowers to decorate the cake :)

martedì 9 giugno 2015

Stay Strong

Today I decided to share with you a very personal situation. I (as you know) have just finished high school and I am preparing for my final exams. Therefore I have been a lot stressed lately. What is more, things aren't going so well for me, and what happened yesterday really kicked me off.
I have applied to some universities in Paris, to study history of art, my great passion,( with fashion of course) but yesterday I discovered I haven't been accepted not even to one university I have applied to. My grades are very high and that is the reason I was SO sure they would have accepted me.
But I was wrong. And it felt terrible.
I have passed the last months wondering about my future life in Paris, the friends, the city, living alone for the first time in my life, being free, assuming my own responsibilities an of course studying history of art.
I cried hard, a lot, but, eventually I came up with a nice quote on my life:

"Probably she [life] is just testing you, to see how you react, to strengthen you sometimes it's necessary to define who you are and to remember you where you are going, sometimes it's the chance to change your way. Sometimes it just happens, but it's good to know that after all this, you are still able to get up and walk away on your own feet. Sometimes you may need a hand to go through it and get up (and chances are he/she is someone completely unexpected) but it's good to know that, eventually, you WILL get up, no matter what. Hard times are there to remember you to make the best out of every single moment and to enjoy the good ones when you can."

So, after being miserable and desperate for an hour or two, I wrote a message to my ex, just to know what he was doing and if we could meet (we recently started talking to each other again after breaking up last year and after 2 years of relationship) but (of course) he couldn't. He gave me a great moral support, which I totally didn't expect. It was so nice to feel his love (friend-love) after all this time and to know he still cares about me.

I hope things for my future will get back in place (and if I close my eyes very hard, cross my fingers and make a wish this place could still be Paris)