martedì 21 gennaio 2014


So, at the beginning of January I went to Paris for my bday with my boyfriend. I went there just a cuple of days before the sales started but I was very (very) lucky and I found the "ventes privèes " a kind of pre-sales. The butiques were full of (beautiful) woman and man all very well dressed (of course, they are french!) Trying to get as much clothes as they could.. I, at first, was quite confused with all that mess and I stared at them in a quite curious way, trying to remember some looks that were really extraordinary. Fortunately suddenly something in my head started working.. "ok" I thought "I need a coat, let's see what I can find" so I went, from shop to shop (don't worry as soon as it got raining I told my poor boyfriend to go back home) from stand to stand, walking through the rain and through the crowd and then, when I was so exausted that I was thinking of going back home I found HIM. I had already tried that coat a few days before but now, with a discount of the 40% it really seemed perfect to me. Ok, after this messy story here you are with the coat, I am posting only the online pictures because my phone is broken. Tell me what you think about it (clear cut, quite oversize and masculine). Enjoy

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