mercoledì 29 gennaio 2014

Lace, ribbons and Elizabeth Bennet

I really have to tell you one of my passions: Jane Austen, well, I know it sounds a bit like a clichè but I really am a great fan of her books. So, here I took a little bit of inspiration from a scene of the film Pride and Prejuice (the one with Keira Knightely). Moreover I was really looking to all this lace bras that are really feminine and sexy: I know, these bras are quite complicated, sice if you have a big breast they won't give you enough support and on the other hand if you have a little one, you will not benefit of all that push up sort of thing. PS: what do you think of ribbon for hair? could you ever wear it? Enjoy

domenica 26 gennaio 2014

Black (or red) fedora hat

A simple black hat is a simple item that reaaaly makes a look work.
Here I am in Paris with my bff, I am wearing a vintage tartan dress, zara leather jacket and THE wide-brimmed fedora hat.
Hope you like it

mercoledì 22 gennaio 2014

Put 'em in a braid

"My hair are such a mess!" How many times a day we look in a mirror just to discover (horrified) that our hair are a real mess? I think that with a little bit of technique and practice you will braid your hair quickly (perfect for the mornings you are in a rush) and they will stay there all day long. The bonus? You can get many different styles depending on the kind of braid you choose and so it will suit every outfit/occasion AND if some hair comes out during the day it only adds some allure to your look. Here are a few styles that I really like. Enjoy

PS: adding a cute ribbon makes THE look

martedì 21 gennaio 2014


So, at the beginning of January I went to Paris for my bday with my boyfriend. I went there just a cuple of days before the sales started but I was very (very) lucky and I found the "ventes privèes " a kind of pre-sales. The butiques were full of (beautiful) woman and man all very well dressed (of course, they are french!) Trying to get as much clothes as they could.. I, at first, was quite confused with all that mess and I stared at them in a quite curious way, trying to remember some looks that were really extraordinary. Fortunately suddenly something in my head started working.. "ok" I thought "I need a coat, let's see what I can find" so I went, from shop to shop (don't worry as soon as it got raining I told my poor boyfriend to go back home) from stand to stand, walking through the rain and through the crowd and then, when I was so exausted that I was thinking of going back home I found HIM. I had already tried that coat a few days before but now, with a discount of the 40% it really seemed perfect to me. Ok, after this messy story here you are with the coat, I am posting only the online pictures because my phone is broken. Tell me what you think about it (clear cut, quite oversize and masculine). Enjoy


A few inspiring pictures of models before the catwalk, do you like this very natural but still a bit grungy style? I particulary like the lights that have been used for this pictures and the fact that the photographer used black and white: it reminds me of old fashioned pictures. Enjoy!

Jeune et Jolie

Voilà, have you seen this actress before? she is very young, only 22 but the way she acted in Jeune et Jolie was incredible. She is quite shy but (for sure) has a great sense of style, very french we might say. Enjoy!

lunedì 20 gennaio 2014

Shades of pink!

No need to say that pink is my favourite colour (yes, I know, quite a cliché) so here are some very cute ideas to use this (amazing) colour in your house. Useless to say you don't have to go Barbie to add a little bit of pink in your room. I advice staying quite neutral and than here or there adding a little pop of colour, or, if you want a more subtile way of using this shade, paint your walls in a very pale tint of pink...Enjoy!