martedì 5 luglio 2011

Bikini is now 65!!

it was 1946 and for the first time the two piece came out in Paris in the catwalk of Heim the rèclame was "the smallest swimsuite of the world" and for this reason called Atomo but the merit goes to the stylist Louis Rèard who has improoveed it.
But the names comes from the islands Marshal( Bikini) where the USA was trying the nuclear bomb.
No one of the 100 of models would put on something that covers just the private parts.
Rèard had to ask to Micheline Bernardini, a girl from the Casino de Paris, to  wear it. The picture have done around the world and Micheline had over 50.000 wedding proposal.
Before the Bikini was acepted we have to wait 10 years.

xoxo happy b-day bikini!!

lunedì 4 luglio 2011

Happy USA!

Guess what?? today is the 4th so... happy USA!!!

Fashionary = fashion + dictionary + diary

Surfing on the net i found out this amazing little sketchbook made for " the fashion desiners who love speed".
The book is basically divided into 2 parts:Information & Templates.

For the information part, which contains some highly requested information such as brand index, body measurements, basic pattern & presentation board samples.
The templates part instead, includes female figures for fast sketching & female technical templates (separated book) for flat drawing.
"The best practice of fashionary is for fast sketching, brainstorming and quick searching for references."
The cost for the Fashionary is 23.99 US ( maybe a bit expensive but i'm sure that they are well spent )
I was going to order the limited edition (just for this summer) but it was already sold out so maybe i'll take the "normal" one :( 
You can have some more information at:

or you can contact them at: