mercoledì 29 giugno 2011

For Them

After the disaster that has touched Japan here a little thing to help them from the indipendent artist Libertin Louison EAU DE COLOGNE FOR THEM  the cost is 35 euro and the result of the cost of the product will go to the autority of  Minami Sanriku the city which the parfum was made for.

What the Heel!

After the last season lipstick heel shoes for the F/W Cesare Paciotti collection the new amazing parfume shoes. It's Essence, the fragrance that you will find...just under your heel!

The Peonia's woman

Maybe for his allure, or maybe because Boy Capel,Coco's lover, gave this beautiful flower to her or maybe because it was a flower that both woman and man wears... no one knows why coco loved so much a flower.
It was 1925 when the famous woman visited the Guichard society of Nantes and remained fascinated by a particular family of this flower camellia japonica alba plena.
Today Chanel found out the amazing beauty qualities of this flower for his new Hydra Beauty Sèrum ... we are sure that mademoiselle would like it.

lunedì 13 giugno 2011


thanks girls and boys i couldn't expect to arrive at 30 followers in such a llittle time xoxoxo

giovedì 2 giugno 2011

the fab 10

here we are! i haven't write anything for a while, bacause of my exams, but now a top 10 list of my favourites bags (and the most suitable of the season)
10. the straw bag
this will be the friend of the beach.

9. a Bottega Veneta
this bag it's perfect in every season done as a strow bag, but in a much more fashionable way

plastic - shopper bag by jil sander 

we don't need to say anything about it...

7. candy bag by furla mint flvouur

soooo sweet it remembers a pepper mint sweet
a bag for the city, for shopping and for the beach, on dit un passe partout!

5. etnic bag

mached with a withe dress or a black one ça fait très chic!

4. backpack!!!

Ready for a travvel around Europe ??

3. tie-dye

a funny bag to wear in the day and at the beach

2. a college leather bag

a very classic and classy bag that will last for ever

1. the new pennyblack bag

you have probably have seen it on the new blog and the city

kiss kiss Alice