domenica 17 aprile 2011

Rome is my home

sorry girls if in this days i didn't write anything but i had lots of homework and i couldn't even open the computer.
here are some photos of a beautiful day walking at the Gianicolo, one of the higher places of Rome, my city. hpe you like them

 After that i went buying some flowers...

And here are the rests of our pre-Esatser lunch

 And this is my roommmmmmm!!!!

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  1. anch'io son di Roma,ed è adorabile ...soprattutto in primavera!
    bella la tua stanza!:)

    passami a trovare!su

  2. Lucky you - I'm travelling to Rome for the first time this year... I bet it's such a beautiful city.

    You room looks lovely dear & so do you :)

    Miri's Castle

  3. Woooow! Quante fotoooo! :) Molto belle mi piace! Ti sto seguendo...passami a trovare su:

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  5. nice post!


  6. so many lovely pictures - hope you had a great trip! i would love to visit rome some day! the biggest thanks for your comment, i'll follow you, and youre post is so inspirational.

  7. Love your blog!!
    Following you!
    Check out mine I'd love your opinion!!

  8. The pictures are lovely! Rome looks like such a great city, hope to visit it some day. Nice Blog!


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