mercoledì 6 aprile 2011

Good Bye Peter

I don't know if many of you have a dog, well, mine is gonna die tomorrow 'cause he is ill :(
i'm really so sad here are some pictures of us:

here i am with some of my dogs, olivia (the white and blsck one), jack (white and brown setter) and peter (he is a golden retriver

this are peter and me (iwas 5 and he was 1)

this are peter and my dad last summer

thi are peter and one of my cats Babbà (an italian dessert)

this are my mum and peter last year

thiss is my best friend at the age of 11 with peter

Alice (italan fashion lover)

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  1. Thank's honey for to be my 100 follower <3 I'm very exited for to arrive in 100 followers :D
    Your dog is awesome!!! although I prefer the cats


  2. mon amour :( perchè non me lo hai detto??

  3. beh, ero troppo impegnata a piangere...
    tanks you too (i would like to have 100 followers too maybe in june!)
    Alice (italian fashion lover)


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