mercoledì 6 aprile 2011


do you already have one of those??? well i just adore them!! i have a high range of the classics ones (no lace) and the new one here are some photos of the one i have and the one i like <3 after i will post  the entire collection!
i have these well these are my mom's ons but never mind i use them too (of course)
i have the one with laces
i have them, they are really versatiles i use them over (almost) every outfit
i would love to have this ones maybe next time i go to paris 
my dad bought me this last year and even if firstly i've been a bit afrauid of this bright colour now i use them very often
this are the last pair of bensimon that my parents bought me and of course one of my favourites
bought last summer in paris...that's all here are benimon spots

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