giovedì 31 marzo 2011

Dans ma pochette

He salut!All right dears, this are the things that i ALWAYS have in my trusse:

1.Mascara,i'm blonde so i REALLY need this, plus i have big skyblue eyes so this adds drama!

2.lip gloss! to montsurize my lips!

3.A mirror

4.A fondation (i'm using a Lancome one 'cause it is not too heavy on my skin )

5.A brush it helps me hanging out with my crazy blond hair!

6.Sunglasses! having light eyes could be a real problem

8 my Ipod!!!! it's a touch and it haves a pink cover on it!

mmmm....if some more ideas comes out i'll let you know!
PS:and here is my purse!

6 commenti:

  1. hi thx for the comment, I'll follow as soon as U follow my blog, go press follow n I'll do the same! :)

    Want that mascara, thinking bout getting it. Is it good? :)

    xoxo Emma

  2. Grazie per essere passata da me !Anche il tuo blog è molto carino,da oggi ti seguo:)
    Adoro il tuo specchietto;)

  3. I had this mascara:)

  4. @emma i'm already following u with the name of Alice s. or Alice De Sanctis :D
    for the mascara, i've bought it some days ago so i'm not already sure of it! but for the moment it's so nice!

  5. ps:grazie mary oggi ho fatto tantissime foto con la mia migliore amica e le posterò fra poco! xd xoxo Alice

  6. handy, fashionable, lovely!
    want to visit my blog sometimes?


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